Liike means movement. Liike means action.
Liike means business.

Business storytelling

”Do you want know how I ended up founding this company? Last year, I was at Nokia headquarters, waiting in the lobby with my colleagues to meet their chairman Risto Siilasmaa. I saw him coming through the door, and suddenly I heard my phone ringing. I didn’t recognize the number. But for some reason I decided to answer.” Are you curious to know more? Most people are, and I can tell the rest when we meet. But the point is that storytelling motivates both your employees and clients to engage.

IR Share – Digital IR communications

Many stock-listed companies are investing big money on digital content, but when it comes investor relations, the way to do communications has remained fundamentally the same as in 1990s. Our concept, IR Share, will digitalize IR communications, reduce IR workload and most importantly, meet the requirements of today’s analytics and investors.

Marketing & communications

”I want people to buy my product and media to write about it.” Who wouldn’t!  Is our message right? Are we using optimal channels? Do marketing and sales work for the same goal? Let us help you to put the pieces into place.


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